Welcome to StGiles

Approved Company ISO 9001

StGiles is a dynamic, multi-faceted organisation that supports people with a wide range of needs. This includes children and adults with developmental delays and disabilities and people who have acquired a disability as the result of illness or accident.

It is our aim that everyone can experience the ability to live, work, play, laugh, love, learn, achieve, to feel worthwhile and to be appreciated. We have developed a range programs and services to help make this happen.

We have our own teams of Allied Health Professionals and Support Workers who work at large in out-reach and in specialist campuses in Hobart and Launceston.

StGiles was founded in 1937 by a group of philanthropists. Since then, we have grown to be one of Tasmania’s largest, non-government organisations catering to the needs of people living with disability.

It has impressed me greatly to know that your focus on early childhood intervention through allied health therapies is second to none in Tasmania, enabling children with severe disabilities to live within the family home, attend school and so become genuinely well equipped to move into the adult world. 

Mrs Frances Underwood

Patron, Friends of St Giles

The doctors said I would be a vegetable (I was six months old).

But mum said no, I am not happy with that, and we got a referral to St Giles.

They started therapy…essentially telling my brain to create new pathways for the messages to get through. I was late in reaching my developmental milestones, but I still achieved them. I made a full recovery. 

Jacqueline Goelst

37, mother of four

Ability First

We are very proud to be a member of Ability First Australia (AFA). AFA is a national, umbrella organisation which was formed in 2003.

As members of AFA we seek to bring to life an Australia that puts ability first and ensures inclusion for all.

To do this we examine ways of attracting, training and motivating our staff and examine ways of ensuring we undertake and implement evidence based research to influence our policies and procedures.