Welcome to Our Culture

Our Culture

We see the ability within.

It’s very important to us that we mean exactly what we say and do. That our deep-seated commitment remains as true today as it did over 77 years ago when StGiles first started out. You see, we have a very unique culture. 
One that is built on respect and trust. 
One that nurtures and rewards. 
One that leads by example. 
We recognise individuals, their personalities and their strengths equally and treat people with the dignity and respect we all richly deserve. To be involved and accepted. We are always considering the ultimate well being of our community and focusing on positive outcomes. That everyone can experience the ‘ability’ to live, work, play, laugh, love, learn, achieve, feel worthwhile and be appreciated. To be involved and accepted.

To us it’s natural, as we only ever see the ability within, regardless. StGiles has enjoyed a rich history providing care and support for people living with varying degrees of disability who require specialised therapy and rehabilitation within Tasmania. Earning a healthy and proud reputation, locally and nationally for our work predominately, with children and adults within our community. We don’t usually make a fuss about who we are and what we do, however we feel the more people know about us, the more we can help. That’s no secret. If someone says, “how did you hear about StGiles?”, why not tell them, “a little birdie told you”.

More care
More help
More time.

Now there are more and more reasons to visit StGiles. Utilising our state-of-the-art facilities we can comfortably provide the very best attention and support to all Tasmanians, through our many services and products. We’re always improving and always sensitive to your needs and requirements.

We offer specialised services tailored to accommodate individuals with a variety of needs. More help, more support, giving you more time.

Wearing our heart on our sleeve, all that we do is strongly connected to our community.

Please consider our comprehensive range of services at StGiles:

  • StGiles Therapy Services providing Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology and Social Work.
  • SEMAT enabling customised seating prescription and provision, including wheelchair, shower chairs, office and lounge seating.
  • StGiles Support Services offering a wide range of personalised plans, family support, respite services and accommodation, to name a few.
  • StGiles PAT offering specialist Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy support to help you explore assistive technologies to meet your individual needs. High tech communication and environmental access, advice and solutions.


Our programs meet the needs of the NDIS participants. They provide the flexibility for individuals to make their own decisions to ensure their needs are met.

StGiles, in partnership with the Federal Government, has invested over $10 Million on developing our facilities for that very reason. We wanted a place that was warm, comforting, safe and most of all beneficial to the well being of people who needed personal support and exceptional care. And have a good old time along the way.

It’s why we’ve gone a long way too, to build a facilities where you’ll feel safe and sound. Like a nest. Where small steps can become big. Where you can learn, gain confidence and independence to flourish and grow.

We know a smile can go a long way.