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Adults and Children Living with Disability

A happy and harmonious home is a key contributor to building self confidence for adults and children.

We believe that the health and well being benefits of a happy and harmonious home life are critical to building the self confidence of adults and children who live with disability.

If you support or care for someone living disabililty, or if you know someone requiring in-home support or shared accommodation, we invite you to contact our Support Services team.

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Community Based Support

Community based support is flexible and person centred for adults and children living with disabilities. The aim of community based support is to meet the current need of individuals, adapt to changing needs, and identify unmet need. This support is provided as; social support accessing services and community based activities, personal care and domestic support to enable individuals to live independently, or through skill development support to increase the opportunities of individuals wanting to live independent lives. StGiles is open to creating and adapting support to meet the individual requirements, and is very keen to create models and support types tailored to individuals.

The objective for the StGiles community based support program is to think outside the square, or more importantly, remove the square altogether. A StGiles representative can meet with you to discuss your ideas, vision, and support requirements.

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Accommodation for People living with Disability

StGiles provides a variety of accommodation options to individuals living with disability. The shared home support models for adults, enables individuals to live as independently as possible through inclusion in household activities and tasks, independence with decision making, and choice in participation.

Vacancies for the current shared home models are filled through the Gateway service, however, StGiles supports and identifies innovative models of service delivery through other agencies such as the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). A StGiles representative can meet with you to discuss your current and future accommodation needs, and assist you to access the service that will enable these needs to be acknowledged or met.

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Respite Services

StGiles has a diverse range of respite services.

The centre-based respite service is offered to children between the ages of 5-18 years. This model of support is focused on a family-centred practice, concentrating on making the respite experience as meaningful for families as the individuals accessing the service. Centre-based respite can accommodate children with complex support needs.

Transitional respite is designed for adolescents and young adults up to the age of 24 years. Skill development and transitioning into adult accommodation options are the focus for this service.

StGiles staff can implement plans and provide basic assessment on the ongoing support needs of individuals accessing this service. Funding for this service comes through NDIA individual support plans.

In-home flexible respite is provided to individuals in their own home. StGiles acknowledges that centre-based respite does not meet every person’s needs, and respite at home or in alternative accommodation options may at times be best for the individual. Flexible respite can be provided in small blocks of support, or as overnight support. Funding for flexible respite is provide to individuals through their NDIA plan.

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The doctors said I would be a vegetable (I was six months old).

But mum said no, I am not happy with that, and we got a referral to St Giles.

They started therapy…essentially telling my brain to create new pathways for the messages to get through. I was late in reaching my developmental milestones, but I still achieved them. I made a full recovery. 

Jacqueline Goelst

37, mother of four

It has impressed me greatly to know that your focus on early childhood intervention through allied health therapies is second to none in Tasmania, enabling children with severe disabilities to live within the family home, attend school and so become genuinely well equipped to move into the adult world. 

Mrs Frances Underwood

Patron, Friends of St Giles