A multidisciplinary service from our Developmental Assessment Team

Developmental Assessment is delivered by a multi-disciplinary Developmental Assessment Team (DAT) of professionals including Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists who provide specialist assessment services across the state. Our services vary from site to site.

All our assessment services aim to help families and other service providers involved with your child to understand your child’s strengths, challenges and learning style so that you can best support your child’s ongoing learning, social and emotional development.

Multi-disciplinary Autism Diagnostic Assessments

Our highly skilled team is experienced at conducting multi-disciplinary autism diagnostic assessments. We can complete differential diagnosis and will be able to identify if your child has autism and any co-occurring conditions, or we will provide you with possible alternative reasons for your child’s difficulties such as developmental delay, or social communication disorder.

We currently receive funding from the Tasmanian Government to provide early autism assessments for children under 30 months across the state.  It is well recognised that autism can be successfully identified in toddlers, and research has shown that Australian children who receive an autism diagnosis and subsequent intervention in the early and critical years have better school-age developmental outcomes.

We also receive funding from the Tasmanian Government to provide autism assessments for children prior to school age in the North and the South of the state.

Other Multi-disciplinary Assessment

Our team is highly skilled and experienced at conducting multi-disciplinary assessments.  We accept referrals from Paediatricians, Psychiatrists and in some instances other multi-disciplined professionals to determine the underlying reasons for your child’s needs and challenges.


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Every case is unique. StGiles can help you identify the services to meet your needs and the best funding option available for your situation.

Funding options include:

  • Medicare plans
  • Private health
  • NDIS
  • Self-funded: you can pay the full fee without any funding.

NDIS Support Coordination

If you are eligible for the NDIS, it may take several months for your funding and Plan to be approved. StGiles can assist you with NDIS plan co-ordination and management (including some or all of the funding including financial, legal and administrative requirements).


NDIS service provider

Once you have an approved NDIS Plan, it is up to you to choose a Disability Service Provider(s). StGiles offers an extensive range of services for both adults and children living with disability. Our services can be tailored to meeting individual needs, delivered individually or as a package, and can change as your needs evolve.


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